Crazy Jokes on Sardar Ji

Crazy Jokes on Sardar Ji

Sardar ke bagiche me bahut pedh the.Sardar ne naukar se bola 
pedho ko pani dal.Naukar bola "sahib barish ho rahi hai".sardar : abe chatri le ke dal na". 

Man:sardarji where were u born? 
sardarji: punjab. man: which part
.Sardar: oye part part kya kar raha hai,whole body is born in punjab".

Lawyer to sardar: Gita pe haath laga kar kaho ke------ 
Sardar :yeh kya sita pe haath lagaya to court me bulaiya ab fir gita
pe haath.

Ek teacher ne sardar se puchha"akal badhi ya bhais "
Sardar bola "sir pehle DATE OF BIRTH to batao". 

Sardar proposed to a girl.Girl said I'm 1 year elder to u.
Sardar said "oye no problem soniyee I'll marry u next year".

Why was sardarji writing the exam near the door


 it was an ENTRANCE EXAM.

Banta's son:dad there is some one on the door to collect donations
for a swimming pool.
Banta: give him a glass of water.

Santa:I am a proud sardar, my son is in medical college. 
Banta: really what is he studying?

santa: he is not studying they r studying him.

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